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Best Non-Toxic Shower Cleaners (2024 UK)

As consumers become more environmentally conscious and wary of exposing themselves to unnecessary chemicals, demand for non-toxic cleaning products is increasing.

This includes swapping traditional shower cleaners for alternatives with natural ingredients that are kinder to both our skin and the ecosystem.

So, whether you’re hoping to make your household greener or to improve your personal wellbeing, look no further.

From refreshing daily shower sprays to descaling limescale removers, explore the best non-toxic shower cleaners below.


The Best Non-Toxic Shower Cleaners in the UK

1. Method Passion Fruit Daily Shower Cleaner

Method Shower Cleaner, Passion Fruit, 828 ml (Pack of 1)

Well known for its focus on plant-based products, Method is a leading name in the eco-friendly cleaning space.

Made with biodegradable, naturally-derived ingredients, this spray is designed to dissolve soap scum and prevent future buildup.

There’s no scrubbing or rinsing involved and it can be used on a range of sealed surfaces. Plus, it minimises fogging and water marks on glass shower doors.

Reviewers highly rate this non-toxic shower cleaner’s fresh fragrance, streak-free finish and shine-restoring properties. And, as it is used between more thorough weekly cleans, it helps to keep showers cleaner for longer.

Method’s daily shower cleaner can be safely used on fixtures, ceramic and glass.

It’s also reasonably priced, safe for homes with septic tanks and the bottle is 100% recycled, adding to its green credentials.

On the other hand, some users have found that the nozzle is prone to clogging and that wiping is needed every few uses to prevent residue.

Additionally, this shower cleaner shouldn’t be used on natural stone and other porous surfaces, so you’ll need something else for that.


2. Scrub Daddy Power Paste

Scrub Daddy Power Paste, All Purpose Cleaning Products - Oven Cleaner Heavy Duty Paste for Glass Door, Kitchen, Sink, Shower, Air Fryer, Induction & Ceramic Hob, Bath, Stove - With Scrub Mommy Sponge

Looking for a mess-free shower cleaner that serves a variety of purposes? Then Scrubby Daddy’s all-purpose Power Paste should top your shortlist.

The lemon-scented clay formula foams up easily and is slightly abrasive to make light work of dried-on soap scum. All you need to do is add water.

Use it on glass, tile, sinks, baths and stainless steel – even ovens!

You’ll also receive a dual-sided, mould-resistant Scrub Mummy sponge for different tasks.

Use the foam side for general cleaning or drying surfaces, or switch to the textured side for tough grime.

The sponge also helps to polish glass and ceramic surfaces for an extra clean feel.

Users like that a little product goes a long way, especially when applied with the sponge.

The paste lathers well, is easy to use and lifts limescale with minimal effort.

However, some reviewers have reported that it leaves white streaks behind, so must be rinsed well after use. Others feel that its performance is no better than cheaper cream cleaners.


3. The Ecogurus Limescale Remover

Suitable for both bathrooms and kitchens, this powerful, all-natural limescale remover is ideal for homes in hard water areas.

Made with apple vinegar acid, this spray-on non-toxic shower cleaner has excellent descaling properties. As such, it is great for breaking down limescale, soap residue, mould and rust from showers, screens and fixtures.

It’s also anti-fungal yet chemical-free, while being gentle on skin and safe to use around kids and pets.

So, what are the downsides? Well, some reviewers have noted that the vinegar smell is quite overpowering, so you’ll need to ventilate the room while cleaning.

Otherwise, the biggest negative is the price, which is considerably higher than other brands.

However, some users find that given its effectiveness, it’s worth the cost, particularly if you struggle with calcium stains.  


4. Alkimi Bathroom Cleaner

ALKIMI Bathroom Cleaner Spray x3 – Nature-Engineered Bath and Shower Cleaner Antibacterial Spray – Powerful Natural Antibacterial Cleaning Spray

Swap bleach and ammonia for anti-microbial eucalyptus and clove oil with Alkimi’s plant-based shower cleaner.

This fast-acting, antiseptic formula is designed to lift off limescale, degrease soapy surfaces, and lessen mould and bacteria growth.

On top of that, this all-round bathroom cleaner is reasonably priced, smells fresh and leaves no streaks.

Eco-conscious buyers will be happy to hear that the ingredients are sustainably sourced to limit environmental impact.

On the flipside, some users don’t like how thin the product is. While this does prevent a film on glass, it also means it runs off quickly, especially on vertical shower doors. As such, you’ll need more product than you would if using a thicker cleaner.

Plus, the runny formula may leak onto your hands when using the trigger, so keep some gloves on hand.


5. Ecozone Ultra Shower Cleaner

Ecozone Ultra Shower Cleaner, 3-in-1 Anti-Bacterial De-Scaler & Anti Mould Polish, Cleaning Spray & Leave Formula, High Shine Finish, Natural Vegan & Non Toxic, Plant Based & Cruelty-Free (500ml)

On the hunt for a non-toxic shower cleaner that is gentle enough for sensitive skin but tough on stains? Then Ecozone’s Ultra Shower Cleaner may be the one for you.

This 3-in-1 spray works to remove hard water deposits, prevent mould and shine up bathroom surfaces.

Made using plant-based ingredients, it’s biodegradable, safe for septic tanks and won’t harm your fixtures. Yet, it will still kill 99.9% of bacteria and can break down crusty residue with little effort.

Designed to be used twice a week (or every day in family bathrooms), simply spray it onto damp surfaces and leave to work.

The only caveat is that it needs to be left for 6 hours or overnight in order to be fully effective.

After that, you’ll need to rinse it off – no scrubbing required. However, some users find that they still need to use a squeegee afterwards to limit streaking.


6. Ecover Limescale Remover

Ecover Limescale Remover, Multi Surface Cleaner, Berries & Basil, 500ml

Another multi-surface cleaner perfect for bathrooms and kitchens alike, Ecover’s Limescale Remover is a budget-friendly option, but nonetheless effective.

Containing biodegradable ingredients and recently reformulated to improve its performance, this limescale remover sprays on evenly and eliminates the need to scrub.

The foaming formula also sticks well to surfaces—ideal for soaking tougher buildups for longer and preventing future occurrences. Yet, unlike other cleaners, it is colourless and therefore ideal for glass and light-coloured grout.

Many users like the fact that this non-toxic shower cleaner doubles as a kitchen cleaner. In fact, it is just as effective on stainless steel sinks and drainers as it is on baths and toilets.

However, it cannot be used on enamel, natural stone, appliances, and brass, silver or gold fixtures.

The berries and basil fragrance has also received mixed reviews, with some people finding it isn’t as potent as expected.


7. Ecozone Daily Shower Cleaner

Ecozone Daily Shower Cleaner

The second Ecozone product to make our list, this daily shower cleaner is designed to keep bathrooms fresh between deep cleans.

All you need to do is spray it onto wet surfaces after use to prevent water marks.

Suitable for glass, plastic, tiles, baths and even vinyl curtains, the vegan-friendly formula will also dissolve limescale and soap scum. And better still, there’s no need to wipe or scrub after applying in order to achieve streak-free surfaces.

Other plus points include its gleaming finish, reduction in limescale buildup and the option to buy refills for less plastic waste.

However, some users find that surfaces can be slippy after use. And, while it keeps water stains at bay, it isn’t always strong enough to tackle hardened deposits.

As such, you’ll need to use another product for deep cleans, and use this for daily maintenance.


FAQs on Non-Toxic Cleaners

Eco-friendly cleaning supplies

How do I choose non-toxic cleaning products?

When shopping for non-toxic shower cleaners and other products, you’ll want to check the ingredients list.

Rather than relying on a brand’s ‘natural’ and ‘eco-friendly’ claims, this will help you determine what it’s actually made from.

Non-toxic products should be free from harmful chemicals, pollutants and irritants, so avoid anything with a hazardous warning.

For example, bleach is marked as both corrosive and dangerous as it is a strong irritant. On the other hand, gentler, naturally-derived sodium citrate, citric acid and plant extracts are commonly found in non-toxic shower cleaners.

Many will also be marked as biodegradable and safe for septic tanks – a good indicator that they don’t contain any harmful nasties.


Do non-toxic showers cleaners really work?

This, of course, depends on the product in question. However, non-toxic shower cleaners are generally highly effective at cleaning surfaces and removing limescale, despite being gentler than their chemical counterparts.

Just bear in mind that not all are disinfecting, so if that’s vital, you may need to do a bit more research.

You might also have to use a bit more elbow grease or soak for longer to achieve the same results. But, as non-toxic cleaning products are safer for both your health and the environment, they are definitely worth a try!

Removing limescale from showerhead


What is the best non-toxic shower cleaner for limescale?

If tackling limescale is your top priority, we’d suggest giving the Ecogurus Limescale Remover a shot. Designed to descale surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens, hard water stains should wipe off easily after a few minutes of soaking.

However, if you don’t like the vinegary smell, Ecover’s Limescale Remover is a great alternative. And it’s also significantly cheaper!



If we had to pick just one non-toxic shower cleaner to recommend, it would be Method’s Passion Fruit Daily Shower Cleaner. The reason for this is that it is effective yet affordable, makes your bathroom smell great and requires minimal effort.

Simply spray it onto damp surfaces after you shower and leave to combat soap residue and limescale, and restore shine. Method products also have excellent eco-friendly credentials if you’re keen to reduce your carbon footprint.

Alternatively, for tougher hard water deposits, try The Ecogurus Limescale Remover. Plant-based and gentle on skin, this non-toxic shower cleaner is highly rated for tackling limescale on bathroom surfaces. And according to most users, well worth paying a bit extra for.