How to Clean Tarnished Stainless-Steel Cutlery

How to Clean Tarnished Stainless-Steel Cutlery

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about stainless-steel cutlery? Is it how it looks, or is it how easy it is to clean? 

Well, if you’re looking for a way to keep your silverware shiny without too much hassle, this article is for you. 

We’ll show you simple steps on how to get that shine back in no time!

Heat, humidity and or moisture can accelerate tarnishing, but you can clean away this residue using mild soap and warm water before it oxidises further.

The Cleaning Process

  1. First, gather your materials. You’ll want a soft cloth or sponge and plenty of water to rinse the cutlery off with before it dries! 
  2. Submerge the cutlery in warm water. Afterwards, pour some dish soap into the sink.
  3. Give them about two minutes or so, then remove the cutlery from the sudsy mixture.
  4. Rinse them off in clean water, removing any leftover soap.
  5. To make sure they are completely dry, place the cutlery on a tray or dish rack. You can even use old newspapers if you don’t have anything else available!
  6. Once everything is nice and dry, it’s time to put all shiny items away until the next time tarnished cutlery needs cleaning again.

cleaning tarnished stainless steel cutlery

If your stainless-steel cutlery does happen to rust despite following all these steps, there’s an easy way to remove it! 

Just put some lemon juice on a damp cloth and rub each knife or fork section until the stains disappear completely. This will work like magic every time! 

However, remember that since lemon juice can damage knives even more than rust, be gentle while doing this step if any rust has occurred. 

Another method of fixing rusted utensils is by using salt. However, remember that too much salt can result in scratches, which is why using lemon juice as your weapon of choice will work much better.