dog poop on carpet

How to Clean Dog Poop Out of Carpet

Dogs. Fab, aren’t they? They’re the very definition of selfless devotion.

With scant reward apart from the odd pat and the occasional snausage (that’s a treat, not a typo), these faithful friends give and give.

The trouble is, sometimes they give too much. Whether you have a dog whose toilet training’s not perfect, or you have an elderly dog whose creaky legs didn’t get them to the facilities in time, or you have a dog that’s eaten something it shouldn’t and is paying the price with a really revolting rear end, you won’t be welcoming the resulting mess.

Dealing with the outdoor results of doggy digestion is something dog owners get used to doing very quickly.

It’s a very different thing when it’s all happened indoors, on your carpet. Thankfully, there are techniques you can use, so, when the sh*% hits the lovely carpet you’ve got in your living room, you can deal with the doo doo.

We’ve laid an approach out in an easy-to-follow set of steps. We’ll then finish with a few alternatives. Right, let’s do this thing.


1. Don’t Hang About

Dog poop – in fact, poop in general – has some very effective pigments within. This is why it’s been used to make indelible daubs from the time of cave dwellers to Pablo Picasso.

No, it’s not likely to feature in the next Winsor and Newton collection, but it is a very striking and distinctive collection of browns that one’s bottom is capable of giving forth.

What’s the colour from? A few different things, but mainly bile. Perhaps it’s time for a handy rhyme to demonstrate the pressing need to act quickly when you’re dealing with a stinker of a carpet situation:

If you’ve got a load of bile in your pile

It’ll worsen by a mile if you wait a while

– Attributed to Alexander Poop

It’s important to act quickly to avoid the stain setting in.


gloves and baby wipes in removing dog poop from carpet

2. Glove Up

It probably won’t surprise you to read that dog poop can carry a pretty noxious cocktail of unpleasant ingredients that you won’t want getting under your fingernails and therefrom who knows where.

It’s important to wear gloves and prevent the dog poop getting anywhere near your skin.

What kind of thing can dog poop cause? Toxocariasis is the big hitter, the one most people have heard of. No, it’s not common, but boy it can cause some unpleasant consequences.

In the worst cases, people can suffer from breathing difficulties and problems with vision (which may include the aptly named floaters).

Other unwelcome effects on your system might include campylobacteriosis, E.coli and salmonella. You really don’t want any of these, so get those gloves on before you get busy with the business.


2. Wipe Off

Get a baby wipe and try to scrape off the bits that will come off readily.

Don’t spend too long on this section. You’re not trying to render your carpet a vision of poopless perfection. You’re just getting the excess solids out of the picture before they do any more damage.

Follow up with a paper towel. Things should start to look a little better now.


3. Mix Up the Magic

vinegar and washing up liquid for stain removal

Create a cleaning solution by mixing the following:

Get that stuff mixed and then get ready to apply. Assume the position. Not that position.


4. Pour and Pad

Get some of the mixture on the pooped-up patch and then let it stay there for 10 minutes. Then get some kitchen towel and blot that brown away.

You may need to repeat the process until the deposit is deposed. Here’s the thing though. Don’t be tempted to wipe or apply any elbow grease.

Perhaps we can once again turn to the poetry greats for some advice, set out in timeless verse.

Upon being faced with poopy grot

Be not a rubber! Nay – ye blot!

– Attributed to Percy Smelly


5. Rinse

So, the stain’s all but seen off, and now’s the time to apply some water, just to remove the mixture and return the carpet to its pre-poop pristine profile.

Don’t go mad. You don’t need to drench. It’s a good idea to apply using a spray bottle. Then go over with a piece of kitchen towel, so that you’re left with just a damp patch.


adding bicarbonate of soda on carpet

6. Bring Out the Bicarb

Get some bicarbonate of soda on that pooch patch to clear up any remaining odours. When it comes to stinks, bicarb gets the job done. Once the job’s been done.


7. Suck It Up

cleaning carpet with vacuum

No, not with a straw, silly. Get your vacuum cleaner out and get that bicarb powder cleaned away.

Ta-da! Poop stain? What poop stain?


Method Number 2 (and 3 and 4)

lemon juice, vodka and oxygen bleach

Lemon juice

Let that pith power hit the poop and you’ll have a zesty result. Squeeze the lemon juice on, leave for 15-30 minutes, then rinse and dry.


That’s the spirit! Vodka has the measure of it. Apply and leave on for 10-15 minutes, before blotting off. Just make sure you don’t use flavoured vodka as it may stain.

Oxygen bleach

You can use oxygen bleach, but be sure to follow the instructions on the packet.


Of Mutts and Mats

kid and dog on the carpet

Whichever of these approaches you opt for, you should manage not to get too browned-off. The stain will be gone, flushed from existence.

You and your dog can then move forward in life, unencumbered by unpleasantness and bailed from befoulment, ready to take the next steps together in lives fabulously free of fetidity. Until the next time.

Oh, I think we have one last observation from another of the greats.

But, lo, where stains gave forth the stench of poops

There now reigns freshness and joyous whoops

– Attributed to William Turdsworth