Best Way to Clean a Carpet by Hand

Carpeted flooring is great. It keeps our feet warmer, insulates sound and absorbs spilled wine like a dream… Sometimes accidents happen, but you don’t want to shell out on hiring a professional carpet cleaner if there is just a small area to clean. There are some products which are better than others to clean your carpet by hand and certain methods which work like a dream.

Cleaning Stubborn Carpet Stains by Hand

Spot cleaning stains out of a carpet can sometimes be a little difficult and it depends on how long the stain has set in for. We’ve all heard that if you spill red wine, then pouring white wine on it immediately after should help to dilute and lift the stain, but there are some less wasteful techniques.

With any stain, it is best not rub or scrub the area where possible; always try to blot, going from the outside in to avoid spreading the stain. Scrubbing actions can wear a carpet out much faster than with just general wear and tear.

What cleaning products can I use?

This all depends upon the stain you are trying to remove:

  • Beer & Wine Stains – Put sparkling water and white vinegar in a spray bottle then spray the affected area. Let it work in for around 10-15 mins before rinsing with warm water, then use kitchen roll to soak it all up for a few hours.
  • General Stains – Shaving cream is a really great stain remover. Just cover the stain and leave for around 30 mins before blotting away with dry cloth. Spray the stained area with vinegar and water, then wipe off.
  • Grease-Based Stains – Washing up liquid cuts through grease on your dishes and it does the same for your carpet! Mix with water in spray bottle then spray whole stain before blotting up with a white cloth or kitchen roll.
  • Deep Set Stains – If you have a carpet cleaner at home, then using a little carpet cleaning detergent directly onto the stain can remove it in minutes, with just a little rubbing for tougher stains. Just make sure to rinse and blot the area to remove the detergent afterwards.

Cleaning a Whole Floor by Hand

The key to having lovely carpets is to keep up with regular deep cleaning and to catch stains as quickly as you can before they set in. Investing in a carpet cleaner is definitely recommended as they do work wonders and the detergent makes the house smell superb. Every six weeks is a good aim for a deep carpet clean; the steam, detergent and water jets can remove dirt, grease and oil that build up over time.

If you can’t afford to splash out on hiring or buying a carpet cleaner, then there is another way. Cleaning the entire floor by hand does sound like a mammoth task, but the results are totally worth it and it can be done in a more natural way! If you care about the impact of chemicals in cleaning, then this method will be perfect for you. There is a fair amount of effort involved in cleaning dirt and grime from the carpets in your home, so be prepared for a workout.

Steps for Cleaning a Carpet By Hand

  1. Clear the room, including furniture where possible
  2. Use a broom or carpet sweeper to sweep the carpet; loosening dirt and dust
  3. Vacuum the entire floor
  4. Grab a bucket
  5. Fill it with equal parts warm water and white vinegar, then add a smidge of washing up liquid
  6. Grab a soft scrubbing brush
  7. Dip the brush into the mix then gently rub the carpet
  8. Once the whole carpet is done, refill the bucket with fresh water
  9. Use a white cloth or rag and water to rub over the entire carpet
  10. Leave to dry overnight if possible or use fans and open windows to help dry the carpet more quickly

Avoiding Dirt and Stains

Of course, if you aren’t fancying cleaning your carpet regularly, then you could just set some simple rules to avoid getting the carpet dirty in the first place (although, dust and dirt will find its way in over time):

  • No shoes on the carpet
  • No food in the rooms with carpet (if this is relevant to your dining situation)
  • Pets go straight in the bath after a walk, or at least baby wipes for mucky paws
  • No arts or crafts on the carpet
  • (In extreme scenarios) No one touch the carpet…

So now you know the best ways to clean your carpet and which techniques are suited to different types of stains. Happy cleaning!