Detergent for Kärcher Window Vac

What Detergent Can You Use in A Kärcher Window Vac?

The ideal detergent to use with a Kärcher window vac is Kärcher Glass Cleaning Concentrate. This will help to clean your windows and ensure they are streak free. 

However, it is possible to use other cleaning agents like washing up liquid. Simply just place the washing up liquid into the compartment where the Kärcher glass cleaning concentrate would usually go and begin cleaning your windows as normal.


What Liquid Can You Put in a Kärcher Window Vac?

Kärcher have their own brand of cleaning liquid that can be used in their Window Vac, Kärcher Glass Cleaning Concentrate.

However, it is possible to use other solutions as well. Diluted white vinegar as well as the likes of diluted washing up liquid or other window cleaning agents dedicated to cleaning glass will suffice. 


Can You Use Washing Up Liquid in a Kärcher Window Vac?

washing up liquid for Kärcher Window Vac

Yes, washing up liquid can be used in your Kärcher products as well as the Kärcher Window Vac. You can use washing up liquid as an effective cleaning agent in your Kärcher device.

Just place a few drops into the water and continue using as normal. This will do an effective job of cleaning things like windows and shouldn’t leave any big or noticeable streaks or stains if used correctly.


Can You Use Windex in a Kärcher Window Vac?

use Windex for Kärcher Window Vac

You can use Windex to clean your windows and use the Kärcher Window Vac to suck up any remaining water to ensure your windows are streak and stain free.


Can You Use Vinegar in a Kärcher Window Vac?

use white vinegar for Kärcher Window Vac

You can mix white vinegar into a solution of water and washing up liquid and use it in your Kärcher window cleaner. 

You can then wash your windows with this solution and wipe down with a cloth. The Kärcher Window Vac can then be used to hoover up any remaining liquid, leaving you with a streak and stain free window which you can clearly see out of.


Why Does My Kärcher Leave Streaks?

window streaks

One reason that you may be getting streaks on your windows is that if you are cleaning them in direct sunlight. 

This is because the heat from the sun can cause the cleaning solution to quickly dry up on your windows, leaving streaks and stains which the Kärcher Window Vac will be ineffective at hoovering up. 

This can become an eyesore and leave windows looking much dirtier than before. Even worse is that the streaks are even more noticeable in sunlight. 


Do You Put Water in A Kärcher Window Vac?

put Water in A Kärcher Window Vac

Yes, you need to fill the refillable spray bottle. You can choose a range of cleaning agents to use or else use the Kärcher glass cleaning concentrate. 

You can then mix this with water and spray this onto your window, you will have to use a cloth in order to agitate any dirt or grim that is on the surface of the glass. 

You can then use the Kärcher Window Vac to hoover up any water streaks or remaining water on the window, leaving your window stain free and streak free.


What Does a Kärcher Window Vac Do?

cleaning window

The Kärcher Window Vac acts like a hoover for streaks and water that is left on your windows after cleaning. This is a simple and effective way to ensure your windows are left streak and stain free.