Can You Put a Duvet in the Washing Machine?

A lot of people regularly wash their duvet covers along with the rest of their bedding. However, many forget to wash the duvet itself.

Washing a duvet is definitely not the easiest thing to do but is certainly worth it. Did you know that, if left unwashed, a third of a duvet’s weight can be made up of bugs, their droppings and dead skin?

A single duvet should be washed around 2-3 times a year. As a result of sweating in the night and the body depositing dead skin cells in the night this can attract dust mites whose waste can trigger itchy eyes along with developing asthma. As well as this, the droppings from these bugs can create a breeding ground for up to 16 forms of bacteria.

Many people are confused as to whether a duvet can be washed in a normal washing machine, as many assume that duvets are too technical and therefore need to be washed and dry cleaned professionally.

But can you actually wash it in your washing machine at home?

The answer is yes!

How to Machine Wash a Duvet

When putting your duvet in your washing machine it is important to leave enough space in the drum so that the duvet is able to move around during the wash cycle. However, if your washing machine’s drum capacity is less than 7 kg this could be an issue. Before putting your duvet into the drum make sure to fold it so as to improve the wash.

If you have a particular stain that you want to remove, make sure to apply stain remover directly onto the area before putting the duvet into the drum.

With regards to wash settings and temperature; make sure to put the wash on a soft spin with warm rather than hot water. Whilst the duvet is being washed remember to keep an eye open for the rinse cycle as you will need to pause the machine and repeat the rinse function before it begins the spin cycle.

How to Dry a Duvet

After the wash, it is important to dry it thoroughly. The best way to do this is to leave it in sunlight for as long as possible so as to thoroughly kill the micro-organisms.

The best way to dry a duvet in winter is to put the duvet in your tumble dryer on a low heat and place a tennis ball in the drum with it, so as to prevent the duvet from going lumpy. To make sure you have removed any remaining bacteria and mites that have survived the wash, run an iron over the duvet.

It is important to remember that if your duvet states that it is ‘dry clean only’ you cannot wash your duvet in a normal washing machine, as it could ruin the efficiency of the material used in the duvet.


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