Can You Tumble Dry a Duvet?

Most types of duvets can be dried in your own tumble dryer at home, providing they fit inside the machine. In fact, many duvet manufacturers recommend tumble drying synthetic duvets as this makes sure they are completely dry before you use them again.

Here are a couple of tips that help when drying your duvet in a tumble dryer:

  • Use tennis balls placed inside socks or a pillowcase inside the drum to help prevent clumping as the duvet dries.
  • Always dry duvets on a low heat
  • Take the duvet out of the machine and shake several times during the drying cycle.

Feather and down duvets may not always be suitable for drying in tumble dryers at home and may require professional dry cleaning – it’s always a good idea to check the label first.  However, if you do dry a feather duvet in your home tumble dryer machine, it’s a good idea to remove and shake the duvet regularly during the drying process as feather duvets are much more prone to clumping.


Tumble Dryer Balls

Tumble dryer ball

If you tend to use your tumble dryer for a lot of larger items, such as quilts, bedsheets and bath towels, you may want to consider investing in some dryer balls. These act in the same way as the tennis balls which we mentioned above, but are designed specifically for use in a tumble dryer. You can get a few different types of dryer ball, so you may want to test some out to find your favourite.

Organic Dryer Balls

These are usually made from 100% wool which has been felted to produce dense ball shapes. They can be plain in colour or feature novelty animal designs. We would probably recommend the plain white (off-white) dryer balls, as there will be no possibility of colour transference.

Rubber or Plastic Dryer Balls

These are the most common type of dryer balls on the market and they usually feature a nobbly texture which helps to aerate your washing. Cheaply manufactured dryer balls can be prone to splitting, so you might want to invest in a well-known brand just so you get the most use out of them. There are also novelty-shaped dryer balls on the market, which could be a fun idea if your kid regularly helps you out on laundry day.

No matter what type of dryer balls you choose, if you’re going to be drying big items, then you will want to get yourself some balls!