Cleaning washing machine

Home Remedies for a Smelly Washing Machine

You may notice that your washing machine can sometimes start to smell a little like stale water or have a scent which isn’t the nicest. This is actually 100% solvable using things you may already have in the house, so there’s no need to splash out on any expensive procedures or major pipe work.

Avoid bad smells

The best and most natural way to keep your machine fresh is to leave the door open after a wash load and let it dry out inside. Also, if you notice a water build-up in the door surround then mop it up as much as you can.

It may seem like one of those annoying things in life, having to clean the thing that’s job is to clean… The areas in between the rubber surround can be a water trap and also hairs or lint can build up too, so make sure to wipe these out at least once a month if you use your machine regularly. Be thorough and don’t miss any nooks or crannies!

Get rid of nasty whiffs

There are plenty of ways to fight that stink from the washing machine and here are the best and most natural ways to do so.

DIY detergent

This detergent is so easy to make and costs just pennies! It is the perfect budget (and natural) way to get any stubborn smells out of your washing machine and can be done whenever you feel the need to. All you need to make this magic elixir is below:

The water and soda are mixed together in a bowl – be aware that bicarbonate of soda will fizz in the water, so make sure your bowl isn’t too little. Keep your vinegar separate in a small pot for now.

The water and soda mix will go into your detergent drawer and the vinegar goes directly into your washing machine drum.

Set the washing machine to a normal cycle but with the hottest temperature you can. Then all the work is going to get done while that runs! Vinegar is a great deodoriser and baking soda is brilliant at breaking down dirt or mildew. The mix that goes into the detergent drawer will also help to clean that out as well!

Drawer Cleaning

Another source of smells can come from fabric softener and water creating mildew in the drawer of your machine. You can easily remove the drawer from the machine and hand wash with soapy water and an old toothbrush. Alternatively, you could put it into your dishwasher on the top shelf in a normal cycle. If you can allow the drawer to dry completely in sunlight, then definitely do this to ensure it dries completely before putting it back in its place.

How often should I do this?

It is best to match your cleaning routine to how often you use the machine and also how heavily soiled the items your put in the wash are.

On Your Own:

If you live alone and only do a wash load once a week or less, then you won’t need to wash your machine all that often, just make sure to leave the door ajar between washes to air out the drum.

Big Family:

When your washing machine is always running, it is collecting things from your laundry, like lint and other bits of dirt and grease that you are washing away. Think about cleaning your machine more regularly if you frequently wash:

  • Baby clothes and bibs etc which might have sick on
  • Greasy uniforms from working in a kitchen
  • Mucky football or rugby gear (or any sports in which you might get covered in mud)
  • Fluffy clothes which will drop a lot of loose threads
  • Tissues… we’ve all done it at least once and we know the mess it makes!

So now you know how to wash the washing machine, you can keep your clothes even cleaner. No more bad smells from this appliance with these simple remedies!