Best Sensor Bins (UK 2017)

No kitchen is complete without a safe and hygienic place to put your rubbish – a bin. Why not enjoy some of the finer leaps in technology and get yourself a bin that opens automatically with no need to touch it? We do truly live in the future.

Automatic sensor bins make use of a simple motion sensor that can detect movement – usually a hand wave – and open automatically. This stops you from having to touch any part of the bin directly, avoiding contamination and keeping your house more hygienic.

We’ll be taking a look at five of the best sensor bins on the market and comparing them. All of the dustbins on this list are great quality products that would work great in any kitchen, but you should consider the features that are important to you. Do you require a larger capacity? Do you need a shorter range sensor?

Morphy Richards 42-Litre Square Sensor Bin

This sensor bin offers great design at an extremely reasonable price point. It features a 15cm range sensor, pointed upwards. Unlike many other sensor bins, Morphy Richards have designed their bin to avoid the sensor triggering when someone walks past.

This is ideal in a smaller kitchen.  It features a sleek modern design that would fit in nicely into any kitchen.

It’s worth noting that this bin is a tad smaller than most of the other bins on this list. If you’ve got a large family, it might be best to opt for a higher capacity. Furthermore, the design of this bin doesn’t hide the bin liner, unlike many other sensor bins at this price point.

All in all, this is a great sensor bin that’s worth the money. Though, give it a miss if you’ve got a large family.

Buy online: £43.48 on

simplehuman Semi-Round Sensor Bin, 45L

simplehuman are offering a premium product at a premium price point. Their semi-round sensor bin comes with a vast range of excellent features that are ideal if you’re willing to spend the cash. Adaptive sensor technology is employed here to keep the sensor range short when the bin is closed, and extended when the bin is open so it doesn’t close on you.

More importantly, this bin features an advanced coating that keeps the bin free of fingerprints and kills any microbes that get on it. If you’ve got young children, this might be the bin for you.

This bin comes at a premium price, however. Unless you’ve got the money to spare, you might want to choose a cheaper bin with less features.

Overall, this bin is a highly advanced piece of kit that’s ideal if hygiene is a big concern.

Buy online: £99.00 on

1home 58L Stainless Silver Steel Automatic Sensor Touchless Waste Bin

Sometimes you need a little more capacity in your kitchen bin. The 1home Touchless Waste Bin offers a great 58L capacity, as well as a 68L variety if you need it.

The large capacity on this bin makes it great for large families. The useful features don’t end there. This bin features a little LED display that shows you how long the bin will remain open for.

Additionally, the bin can be opened and closed using a pair of buttons, for when you need longer than 5 seconds to get everything into the bin. There’s also a rolled lip at the top of the bin that stops bags from tearing.

Our only real concern with this bin is that the lid is feels a bit flimsy. In short, this is a great sensor bin with some great features. Perfect for the family kitchen.

Buy online: £42.99 on

Deuba Automatic Sensor Kitchen Waste Bin, 56L

If you need a sensor bin on a budget, then the Deuber Sensor Kitchen Waste Bin is a fine choice. It features all the essentials for a sensor bin at a very attractive price point. It features an extremely functional sensor and a very reasonable capacity.

If you need a no-frills solution to your kitchen waste needs, then the Deuba checks all the boxes. This all being said, this bin lacks the build quality of a number of the higher end models, and the sensor doesn’t keep the lid open for long enough.

If you want a sensor bin and don’t want to spend a fortune, then Deuba have created the product for you.

Buy online: £34.95 on

Dihl Automatic Sensor Bin, 58L

Another excellent large capacity bin on a budget. This bin is also available in a 68L variety if you want that extra space. It lacks many of the extra bells and whistles that more expensive models have, but it does include button operation unlike some other budget bins which makes it a very attractive option.

It also includes a switch at the back of the bin so that the batteries don’t get worn out when nobody is using it. This bin features the bare essentials plus a little bit extra. Though, the build quality is still lacking compared to more expensive options and the sensor can be very easy to trigger accidentally.

If you’ve got a small kitchen, look for a more reliable sensor. However, this is a very solid sensor bin overall.

Buy online: £49.99 on


Our personal favourite of this list is the Morphy Richards 42-Litre Square Sensor Bin. Though it’s got a lower capacity than other models and the bin liner is visible, it’s got a solid build quality and delivers an excellent range of features at an attractive price point.

If you’ve got money to spare, however, there’s no overlooking the sheer feature list and quality of the simplehuman Semi-Round Sensor Bin – no other bin on the list features quite a range of features with such great build quality.

If you’re on a budget, then the Deuba Automatic Sensor Kitchen Waste Bin is a fine choice. It delivers a functional product at a lower price point.


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