Best Washing Powders in the UK (2017)

When it comes to everyday life, especially everyday family life, hygiene is vital. Cleanliness is next to godliness after all!

You can purchase the most all-singing, all-dancing washing machine in the world, but if you don’t choose the right washing powder to go in it, you’re wasting your cash. For that reason, you need to know which the best washing powders on the market are, and which suit your budget.

Luckily for you, we are going to review a few of the best and most popular washing powders on the market in the UK today. Read on to find out which one is best for you and your needs.

1. Daz P&G Professional Washing Powder

Who hasn’t heard of Daz? Daz is one of the most popular and long-running washing powder brands on the market today. This means you’re getting quality and peace of mind in your purchase too. This particular wash powder is ideal for removing tough stains, and that makes it a good choice for families. If you purchase the XXXL pack then you are getting great value for money, with around 130 washes in a 7 kg pack.

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2. Fairy Non-Bio Washing Powder

This Fairy option is ideal for those with young children or for anyone with sensitive skin, as its main selling point is how gentle it is on your skin, having been awarded the Skin Health Alliance Seal. Dermatologically tested, the powder is low in price, and a regular sized box will last for around 40 washes. Again, a big named brand gives you confidence in your purchase, and there are several different scents available for those who like their washing to smell extra nice!

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3. Surf Tropical Lily and Ylang Ylang Washing Powder

This rather deliciously scented Surf option is fantastic for those who want to cut own on time, as it has a built-in softener as well as being a detergent. This saves money overall, as you don’t need to purchase a separate fabric softener.

A regular box will last around 45 washes as standard, and the powder is ideal for all fabrics, except wool and silk. To finish off the good news, this Surf washing powder is also slightly lower in price compared to some of the other big-named brands we have talked about.

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4. Ariel Washing Powder Original

Another of the biggest brands on the market, and one which is perfect for removing stains. Available in several different sized packs, including regular 2.6 kg and 4.23 kg, Ariel makes it harder for stains to set in by removing the grip they would otherwise find on the fabric. You also don’t need to wash at a high temperature to get rid of any potential stains, as the fabric is effective at just 30 degrees. Overall, peace of mind and performance is high with this choice.

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5. Bold 2-in-1 Lotus Flower and Lily Washing Powder

At the time of writing, this Bold option is lower in cost compared to any of the other options we have talked about, and it also includes softening agents to help you save even more money. The delicious scent of this particular powder is its main selling point, but it is also a fantastic choice for those who live with rather accident-prone children, as it is ideal for getting rid of stains! With a natural scent, that doesn’t smell at all artificial, is a good low-cost, high-performance option.

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Cheap supermarket-brand options

Sometimes supermarket brand washing powders can be just as good quality, and sometimes even better, than huge brand names. Not everything is about reputation, and it is a good idea to try a few of the leading supermarket brands, to see if you can lower your monthly grocery shopping costs, without lowering washing quality. You might be nervous to try something unknown and cheaper, but it is certainly worth trying.

Let’s check out two of the most popular supermarket brands around.

Aldi Almat

This Aldi supermarket brand has been shown to be very popular, and it is dermatologically tested, to alleviate any sensitive skin worries. Aldi Almat has a fresh scent, without being false, and ‘suds’ up to a good froth with just a small amount in your machine. A regular box (2.6kg) will last for 40 washes and costs a fraction of the price of the bigger named brands on the market.

Lidl Formil

Lidl is also a great value supermarket for those on a budget and this super-low priced washing powder will last for around 25 washes. This is less than other boxes, but the price makes up for it overall. Lidl Formil is dermatologically tested and is particularly fantastic for whitening up any clothes which have become dull with over-washing or staining. Again, the smell is clean and fresh, without being too over the top, or flowery.


How to Choose Washing Powder

Now you know all about the major brand and supermarket brand washing powders on the market, you might have a few questions which have been thrown up by some of the word we have used. For instance, what is the difference between biological and non-biological?

Bio vs. non-bio washing powder

Basically, biological (bio) washing powders contain enzymes which are great for stain removal. Non-biological (non bio) do not contain these enzymes, so whilst they are better for the skin, e.g. sensitivities, they aren’t as effective at removing stains.

This is something you need to weigh up and consider. It depends on your family and yourself, and whether you have any severe skin sensitivities, or if you are particularly prone to irritation. If you are, it’s best to go with a non bio option. See the best washing powders for sensitive skin here.

If however you don’t have any such issues, then a biological wash powder is always going to be a higher performance beast for you, and one which you can use on lower temperatures, which cuts down on the chances of shrinkage or damage.

Specialist washing powders

In addition to the basic bio and non-bio options, there are also specific washing powders for coloured items, e.g. to protect the shade, and specific powders for sensitive fabrics such as wool or silk.

Pack size

A regular washing powder pack is around the 2.4 kg size, which should last for anything from 22 to 40 washes maximum. You can purchase economy packs, which are larger and cost a little more, but if you have a large family, this could save you money in the long-run.

Washing powder vs. liquids and gels

Aside from washing powders, there are liquids and gels, as well as capsules to choose from, but this totally depends on your washing machine, and your personal preference, as to whether you use them.


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