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Is Lemon Juice Good for Cleaning Floors?

Forget using disagreeable smelling chemical products for cleaning your floors. Lemon-infused cleaners are surprisingly versatile and clean your home, leaving it smelling good, and your hands will be cleaner, too. When combined with the right ingredients, lemon juice is an efficient cleaner for many areas of the household, replacing several commercial cleaning products. It also …

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How to Clean Wooden Worktops

How to Clean Wooden Worktops

Wooden countertops are one of the more difficult materials to maintain, more so than quartz, stainless steel or laminate.  Nevertheless, wood is a popular feature in kitchens because it is attractive and lends itself well to the warm, cosy environment that many people want to create.  The good news is, wooden worktops are fairly low …

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Spray mop

Best Spray Mops (2022 UK)

Spray mops offer an easier, more economical and more convenient way of mopping the floor than using a regular mop and bucket set. Spray mops feature a small water tank built into the pole. This water is sprayed out onto the floor using a trigger in the handle, so you don’t need to use a …

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