eyeshadow on carpet

How to Get Eyeshadow Out of Carpet

Accidentally dropped your favourite eyeshadow palette and now the contents is all over your carpet?

It happens to the best of us. And while you may need to invest in a new makeup set, cleaning your carpet shouldn’t be too tasking.

In fact, with the right techniques and products, you can say goodbye to any resulting stains for good.

So, if you’re keen to restore your floor to its original state, here’s how to get eyeshadow out of carpet.


How Do You Get Powdered Makeup Out of Carpet?

eyeshadow palette on carpet

The first step to ridding your carpet of a powdery eyeshadow stain is to vacuum up the excess.

To do this, attach the upholstery tool and place it directly over the stain. Switch on the machine and let it run for at least 10 seconds to ensure as much debris is removed as possible.

Do this right away to prevent the product from being pushed further into the fibres.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a vacuum handy, you can scrape the particles off with a blunt knife onto some paper towel.

However, you should avoid pulling the powder out of the carpet with your fingers as you could actually strengthen the bond. Or worse, spread the stain around.

The same goes for all powdered makeup products – including bronzer, blush and setting powder.


How to Clean Up Spilled Eyeshadow: 5 Methods

eyeshadow powder on carpet

Once you’ve removed as much of the solid material as you can, it’s time to tackle the leftover pigment.

There are several ways to do this, depending on the carpet type. For example, natural fibre carpets require milder cleaners like diluted detergent or washing up liquid.

Meanwhile, more robust synthetic carpets can often be treated with ammonia or hydrogen peroxide.

Only use peroxide if your carpet is light-coloured, otherwise you may strip the dye out of it. And always do a patch test in a discreet area first, before treating the stain.

1. Washing up liquid

clean ink carpet stain with washing up liquid and paper towel

  1. Mix one tablespoon of grease-fighting washing up liquid into a bowl of warm water.
  2. Dip a clean sponge into the sudsy mixture, squeeze out well, then dab onto the stain.
  3. Next, take a clean, damp cloth and blot the stain until no more colour transfers. Keep rotating the cloth as you work to ensure you’re using a clean section each time.
  4. Once the patch is clean, use a fresh cloth dipped in cold water to rinse off the soap.
  5. Finally, blot dry with kitchen paper or a clean towel, then vacuum to raise the fibres.

Tip: Use a lint-free cloth to spot-treat carpet stains. A light-coloured microfibre cloth is ideal.


2. Liquid detergent

clean carpet with liquid laundry detergent

Alternatively, you can also carry out the process above using mild liquid detergent. All you need to do is dilute 5 drops or 1 teaspoon in a bowl of warm water.

Alternatively, you can combine the two in a spray bottle and apply the solution directly to the stain before blotting.

Tip: for wool carpets, apply 3 drops of wool detergent to a cloth dampened with cold water.


3. Shaving cream

Remove Old Carpet Dirt Stains with Shaving Cream

  1. Start by lightly dampening the stained patch of carpet with a clean, wrung-out cloth.
  2. Next, cover the stain with a layer of shaving cream (not gel) and leave it to sit for 30 minutes. The particles will cling to the foam, drawing the eyeshadow out of the fibres.
  3. When time’s up, use a damp cloth to massage the foam into the stain in a circular motion. Work inwards to avoid spreading the stain and worsening the discolouration. You may even see the white foam change colour as it pulls out the leftover pigment.
  4. Wipe away the excess the shaving cream with some paper towel, then blot the area with a damp cloth to rinse. Pat the spot dry with a clean towel to help prevent mildew.


4. Ammonia

remove carpet stains with ammonia

Ammonia is a highly effective solvent cleaner that will help to lift eyeshadow out of carpet – including oil-based products. However, it is also corrosive and must therefore be used with care.

Before you start applying ammonia, check the area you’re working in is well ventilated. Next, don a pair of rubber gloves and a set of safety goggles to prevent accidental contact.

  1. To make a safe, DIY carpet stain remover, you’ll first need to dilute your household ammonia. Do this by stirring 1 tablespoon of ammonia into a cup of lukewarm water. For particularly dark or stubborn eyeshadow stains, you can use up to 2 tablespoons.
  2. Next, dip a sponge into the solution and dab it onto the affected section of carpet.
  3. Let the solution soak in for a couple of minutes, then blot with a damp cloth.
  4. Rinse well with a cloth dipped in cold water to remove any residue. You could also add a drop of washing up liquid to help combat the ammonia smell. Then dab dry.


5. Hydrogen peroxide

clean carpet stain with hydrogen peroxide

Wondering how to get eyeshadow out of a carpet that is pale in colour? Then hydrogen peroxide is a great option due to its mild bleaching powers that counteract colourful stains.

  1. Pour 1 teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide and 2 cups of warm water into a spray bottle, and shake well to combine.
  2. Spritz the solution directly onto the stain, then gently press it into the fibres by dabbing with a microfibre cloth. Once coated, leave it to soak in for 3-5 minutes.
  3. After that time, blot off the bulk of the chemical residue with a dry section of the cloth.
  4. Then, take a clean cloth dipped in cold water and use it to rinse the treated patch.
  5. Finally, firmly pat it dry with some paper towel until no more liquid transfers. Then run your vacuum cleaner over it to lift any flattened fibres.

And that’s it – 5 simple methods for how to get eyeshadow out of carpet. Want more makeup removal tips in case of future mishaps?

From getting foundation out of clothes to tackling eyeliner carpet stains, we have plenty of advice to help you out.