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Where to Buy Soap Flakes in the UK

Soap flakes are pure soap, basically. You can use them for anything you would use soap for. Cleaning yourself, cleaning your clothes and anywhere else around the home.

Most brands of soap flakes are completely natural meaning they contain no bleaches, GMOs, dyes, chemicals or any other nasty thing that other types of cleaners do. This means that they are perfect for “green cleaning”.

Pure soap flakes, like the ones listed below, are great for:

  • People with sensitive skin
  • Pets
  • Cleaning wood
  • Cleaning natural fibres

Whether you’re trying to find a product to clean yourself, your home, your baby or your pet, pure soap flakes can do it all.

You can use pure soap flakes either on their own or mix them with other natural ingredients, like bicarbonate of soda for instance to create the ultimate natural cleaning product to tackle almost any cleaning tasks in the home.

Soap flakes were once a staple of every cleaning cupboard in the country, but can be quite hard to come by nowadays. It used to be that many supermarkets stocked soap flakes, but a rise in commercially-made natural cleaners made their sales decline.

However, if you’re on the hunt for this amazing natural cleaner, then you are in luck. Below are some of the best soap flakes on the market that are readily available online.


Where to Buy Soap Flakes in the UK

1. Playlearn Original Pure Soap Flakes – Amazon

Original Pure Soap Flakes Boxed by Playlearn (10 washes) (1)

Playlearn’s original soap flakes are as pure as they come. Nothing is added to these flakes at all. No fragrances, bleaches, chemicals or anything nasty.

This makes them perfect for an all-around natural clean of anything you can think of. From leather sofas to pets, these soap flakes make cleaning the entire house and everyone living in it a breeze.

As Playlearn soap flakes are completely pure, they are the perfect addition to your cleaning cupboard if you are looking to create cleaning products for around the home from natural ingredients.

Combine these soap flakes with bicarb and lemon juice, for example, and you have a kitchen cleaner that removes most dirt and grime and won’t leave any nasty chemicals on your kitchen surfaces.


2. Dri-pak Liquid Soap Flakes – Amazon


Dri-pak soap flakes are perfect for a variety of cleaning purposes, but they do recommend using them in the laundry.

This soap flake liquid is great for any jacket or coat that has seen a lot of abuse. Plus, it is also great to use in your everyday wash if you have sensitive skin.

This soap flake liquid is made using oil from vegetables and has no additives at all.

It’s perfect for anyone who wants an entirely natural cleaning product for their clothes. Also, as it isn’t tested on animals, it’s perfect for vegans and vegetarians.


3. Wilko Original Liquid Soapflakes – Wilko

Wilko Original Liquid Soap

This liquid soap flake solution contains no additives or fragrances. It is as pure as soap flakes come nowadays.

This soap flake liquid also contains no animal products, nor has it been tested on animals, giving vegans and vegetarians the perfect cleaning companion.

If you have sensitive skin or need a cleaning product for delicate fabrics, liquid soap flakes from Wilko’s is a great option for you.

The soap flakes inside come from sunflower oil and coconut and they can clean wool, silk, leather and lace easily.

This video below demonstrates a few great ways to use liquid soap flakes in your everyday cleaning routines:


4. Yorkshire Soap Flakes from the Natural Washing Company

Yorkshire Soap Flakes

These soap flakes are inspired by French soap but made right here in the UK—Yorkshire to be precise, if you hadn’t guessed from the name!

They are made using rapeseed oil grown in Yorkshire and come in an eco-friendly jute sack.

These soap flakes are as natural as they get, and are free from artificial fragrances and chemicals such as parabens and sulphates.

They are also 100% plant based, and so are vegetarian and vegan friendly. They’re also free from palm oil, so their environmental credentials are impressive.


5. Marseille Soap Flakes – Labour and Wait

Marseille Soap Flakes

These Marseille soap flakes are 100% natural without any extra additives. Crafted from traditional age-old methods, the company is now in its fourth generation of production.

The flakes are ideal for washing delicates like silk and wool, and even baby clothing due to their pure, harmless ingredients.

Whilst this is an extremely unique brand with an interesting history, that is definitely reflected in the price.


What Are Soap Flakes?

Soap flakes are simply solid soap that has been broken down into flakes. In the early 1900s, people washed clothes with bars of soap. Having the soap broken down into flakes made it dissolve into water more easily, making the process of doing laundry by hand less hard work.

You can still buy soap flakes, but they are harder to get hold of than they used to be. It may be easier for you to find liquid soap than dry soap flakes, but dry flakes are still available to order online.


What Can You Use Soap Flakes For?

Here are a few of the many things you can use soap flakes for.

1. As an alternative to laundry detergent in the washing machine

You can use soap flakes in your washing machine by mixing them with hot water and adding them to the washing machine drum.


2. As a hand soap

Pre-bought liquid soap flakes or a homemade liquid solution can be used as a hand soap.


3. Hand-washing delicates

When mixed with water, soap flakes are great for hand-washing wool and other delicate garments.


4. Dish soap

Mixing soap flakes with hot water makes a great, simple alternative to regular washing up liquid.


Can You Use Soap Flakes in the Washing Machine?

Yes, soap flakes, can be used in the washing machine. However, dry soap flakes should be dissolved in hot water first before pouring them into your machine. They should be poured directly into the drum rather than into the laundry detergent dispenser.

If you live in a hard water area, you might want to add a water softening agent to the wash to prevent soap scum from forming.

Soap flakes dissolve best in hot water, so they are better for hot or at least moderate-temperature washes. However, not all items should be washed at warmer temperatures, so be careful when choosing the washing temperature.


Is Liquid Soap the Same as Soap Flakes?

Pure liquid soap is simply soap flakes that have been dissolved in water. It has the same benefits of soap flakes, it just comes ready to use rather than requiring you to dilute it yourself.

If you’re looking to minimise your plastic waste, solid soap flakes might be a better choice as they often come packed in cardboard, whereas liquid soap usually comes in plastic.


What Happened to Lux Flakes?

Lux flakes was a popular brand of solid soap flakes in the 20th century. As washing powders, tablets and liquids became more popular sales of Lux flakes declined, and the manufacturer decided to stop making them. Production of Lux flakes ended in 2001, so it’s no longer possible to buy them.

The manufacturers, Dri-Pak, have replaced Lux flakes with liquid soap, which has the same benefits as soap flakes but are also suitable for waterproof outdoor clothing and are kinder to sensitive skin.


DIY Soap Flakes

You can make your own soap flakes which you can use for a multitude of different cleaning jobs around the home, all you need is pure soap and a cheese grater!

You can get a hold of the ideal bar soap for grating from Amazon, for example Ivory Original Bar Soap.

Making your own soap flakes means you can grate only the amount you need for whichever cleaning you are carrying out and you could save money by bulk-buying simple bar soap.

DIY soap flakes



We hope this look at pure soap flakes has helped you understand the uses of them and where to buy them.

Natural soap flakes should be in the cleaning arsenal of anyone that wants to clean their home as naturally as possible.

They provide an excellent clean by themselves but combine soap flakes with other ingredients, and they are an unstoppable force.

To find out more about other totally natural cleaning products for use around the home, please explore our website further. We have plenty of articles on here that can help you turn your house into a naturally clean home.

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