Why Do Some Washing Machines Have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth?

Why Do Some Washing Machines Have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth?

With yet another app to download and another device to sync. Why on earth do washing machines now come with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth?

Is it simply because they can? A selling point for those that love gadgets and technology?

Or does a washing machine having Wi-Fi and Bluetooth actually have any benefits at all? Let’s dive in and take a look, shall we?

While a washing machine having Bluetooth or Wi-Fi may not seem that practical, it can actually help you in a lot of ways.

Here are just a few ways that connecting your washing machine to your smartphone or tablet can help you get more from your washing.


Start and Stop the Machine from Anywhere

woman starting smart washing machine

Being able to start or stop your washing machine from anywhere is what most of us think of when we hear the machine has Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

You can start your washing machine while you are sitting on your sofa enjoying a film. Or tell it to do a spin cycle while you are upstairs.

If you’ve put the washing on and forgot the clothes you wanted to wear the day after, you can stop the machine while heading upstairs to get the clothes.

Sure, this is a handy feature to have, and a lot of people know about it already.

However, as we go further down this list, you’ll see that having access to your washing machine on your phone can be way handier than you think.


Select the Perfect Cycle for any Load of Washing

controlling washing machine via phone app

Many washing machines with connectivity also have loads of other handy features that can be used in conjunction with the connectivity. Like, for example, the machine being able to determine the weight of the clothes you put in it or an auto dosing feature.

Once you put the clothes in the washing machine, open the app, tell it the type of fabric you are washing, and it will tell you how long to put the washing on for.

Now all you need to do is press start, and the washing machine will clean your clothes perfectly without wasting a drop of water or using any more energy than needed to get the job done.

Using all of the features that your washing machine has is much easier to do in the app rather than on the control panel. And if you use all of these features, you could see a rather healthy saving in your energy bills as a result.


Receive Alerts from Your Washing Machine

washing machine alert on phone

If you’ve just sat down to enjoy your new favourite show and you aren’t sure if the washing is done yet, like many of us, you’ll probably pause the show and try and listen carefully for the noise of the machine.

If you can’t hear the machine, you may stand up only to find it was switching between cycles, and you have plenty of time to get stuck into your show.

With a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi washing machine, though, just open the app on your phone, and you’ll have a live update of where the washing machine is in the cycle and how long until it is finished.

You can even set up alerts that will tell you when the washing machine has finished. So, you can enjoy your show and get a notification of when it is time to pause it and sort the washing out.


Get Maintenance Reminders

man controlling washing machine on smart app

Another really handy feature on washing machines that can connect to tablets and smartphones is that they’ll send your reminders of maintenance that is needed.

So, if you have an auto-dosing machine, for example, it will send you an alert when the detergent needs topping up. Or for when a filter needs to be cleaned.

This will keep your washing machine in perfect working order for longer.


Schedule Cycles on Your Phone

woman using phone to control washing machine

Some washing machines allow you to schedule washes on the control panel itself, but they can be a bit fussy to set up.

With the app, though, it’s so easy. You can set the cycle you want and the time you want it to start from anywhere!

Smart washing machines are designed to make washing easier for you. So, you can set up washing cycles, track the cycle, track maintenance and receive alerts when the cycle is finished.

However, with the additional technology inside most smart washing machines, they can also help you save money on your energy bills by helping you set up each load of washing perfectly.

There is a lot to love about washing machines with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and we’ve only really been able to scratch the surface in this article.

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