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Best Travel Clotheslines You Can Use in a Hotel Room (2024 UK)

Portable clotheslines are often overlooked when it comes to travel, but they’re an invaluable addition to your luggage.

The best travel clotheslines are lightweight accessories that can easily be packed into your suitcase for use in your hotel, hostel, or other accommodation, making drying clothes simple.

Travel clotheslines for hotels are especially useful if you’re a long-term traveller. However, anyone going on holiday can benefit from having a designated place to dry their clothes.

Whether you’re hanging up damp swimwear or drying clothes that got caught in the rain, clotheslines ensure your garments won’t remain damp, start to smell musty, or get mouldy.

Below, we’ve listed five of the best travel washing lines available in the UK, along with detailed reviews that compare their length, weight, and other features.

We also have a buying guide to help you find the perfect solution for your on-the-go laundry needs.


The Best Hotel Room Travel Clotheslines in the UK

1. Solotrekk Deluxe Travel Clothes Washing Line

solotrekk Deluxe Travel Clothes Washing Line 3m

Length: Up to 300 cm
Weight: 100g
Hanging method: Tuck between double elastic
Attachments: Metal hooks

The Solotrekk Deluxe Travel Washing Line is an outstanding choice for on-the-go laundry needs. It is made from two twisted elastic lines, which serve a dual purpose.

Firstly, they allow the clothesline to stretch up to 300 cm to easily adapt to different size hotel rooms without risk of breaking. Secondly, they offer an intelligent peg-free hanging method.

To hang your clothes securely, simply tuck your clothes between the two sections of elastic while the line is under tension.

This facilitates easy attachment and detachment and means the number of items you can hang is not limited by the number of pegs you have.

It also makes the clothesline more portable and compact, as you don’t need to carry around pegs.

Further adding to the portability is the lightweight design—weighing in at 100g, it’s light enough to carry around while travelling.

Its metal hook ends provide a secure attachment in various spaces, and its durability ensures a reliable solution for drying clothes wherever your journey takes you.

It even comes with a storage pack to reduce tangling and help you organise your suitcase better.


2. Kuou Portable Clothesline

1 Pack Portable Clothesline, Elastic Clothesline Travel Washing Line Adjustable Retractable Airer Windproof Rope with 12 Wire Clips for Camping Clothes Laundry Drying Outdoor

Length: 180 to 360 cm
Weight: 190g
Hanging method: Stainless steel, rubber-coated clips
Attachments: Metal hooks

The Kuou Portable Clothesline is another of the best travel clotheslines for hotels. The main advantage of this product is its adjustable length.

Its exceptional stretchiness allows for maximum flexibility. With a base length of 180 cm, it can be freely stretched to a maximum length of 360 cm. This means that you can pull it across any hotel room without trouble.

With two reinforced steel hooks on both ends, the Kuou Portable Clothesline can be hung from a range of anchor points. The durable design also helps the line stay securely attached while bearing weight.

Additionally, the option to use stainless steel protects against corrosion, meaning you can hang the line inside or on your hotel balcony.

To attach clothes to the washing line, there are a series of PVC rubber-coated clips. They have a strong clamping force to hold your clothes securely, while the rubber coating is gentle and helps to minimise fabric damage.

However, the inclusion of pegs does increase the weight slightly. Still, at 200g, it’s a portable and compact option nonetheless.


3. AUXPhome Tri-Braided Cord Clothes Line

AUXPhome Tri-Braided Cord Clothes Line, Drying Rope Portable Travel Clothesline for Indoor Outdoor Laundry, Windproof Hanger Camping & Home Use - No hook needed

Length: 150 to 300 cm
Weight: 100g
Hanging Method: Tuck between a tri-corded line
Attachments: Velcro cable tie and hooks

The AUXPhome Tri-Braided Cord Clothes Line is a unique travel washing line. Why? Most travel clotheslines have one or two elastic lines, but this product features an innovative tri-corded design for increased sturdiness.

This means the washing line can hold heavier items without breaking or sagging. Simply tuck your laundry between the cords for a secure hold on the fabrics.

We also love that the AUXPhome clothesline has two types of connectors: Velcro cable ties and hook attachments. This makes for unbeatable versatility—switch the connectors to whatever is most appropriate for the anchor points available in your hotel room.

The line and both sets of connectors weigh just 100g, making it perfect for travellers.

Like most travel clotheslines, this product has an adjustable length of 150cm to 300cm. You can also easily shorten the cord by knotting the elastic, making it even more flexible.

As the attachments are removable, the only wish is that suction cups were included. However, you can easily purchase some separately to use with this product (we recommend these heavy-duty ones).


4. Riveda Portable Travel Washing Line

Portable Travel Washing Line with 12 Colorful Clips & Bag, Elastic Retractable Camping Washing Line for Indoor Laundry Drying Clothes Line & Outdoor Camping Accessories

Length: Up to 350 cm
Weight: Less than 200g
Hanging Method: PVC-coated metal pegs
Attachments: Metal hooks

The Riveda Portable Travel Washing Line is another excellent hotel room clothesline. This complete set includes an elastic clothesline, twelve brightly coloured pegs, metal hook attachments, and a waterproof bag.

The pegs are made from PCV-coated metal, ensuring firm grip and durability, while the black elastic rope, stretchable up to 350 cm, provides ample drying space.

The main downside of this clothesline is that it is only made from one piece of elastic. This makes it inherently less durable than two or three-stranded designs.

It also limits the hanging method to using the clips provided, as you cannot tuck your laundry between separate elastic strands. Nevertheless, the thick elastic and metal pegs are designed to last.

We also love that this clothesline comes with a waterproof storage bag. If you’re staying in hotels only, this may not be as essential, but this storage solution is a perk for campers and other travellers.

It helps protect the washing line from the elements while not in use and makes storage and transportation a little bit easier.


5. Go Travel Pegless Washing Line

Go Travel Pegless Washing Line

Length: 280 cm
Hanging method: Pegless
Attachments: Suction cups or metal hooks

Finally, we have the Go Travel Pegless Washing Line, the only clothesline on our list with suction cups.

While hooks or straps are more useful for camping, suction cup attachments provide a more versatile solution for hotel rooms.

Secure the suction cups to any non-porous surface (e.g. tiles or glass), eliminating the need to find suitable anchor points.

The downside of suction cups is that they’re not as strong as using hooks. Too much weight on the line can break the suction and cause the clothesline to fall down.

Fortunately, Go Travel has thought of this and provides the option to use hooks instead. Just slide the suction cup off the hook and use it directly to attach the line to rails or handles in your hotel.

We also love the twisted dual-elastic for sturdiness and durability. This design also means you don’t need to pack pegs—just feed your washing into the twisted line.

The flexible line also stretches up to 280 cm, while the simple design makes it easy to slip into your luggage. It’s also a budget-friendly option, giving you more money to spend on your holiday.


How to Choose a Travel Clothesline for Hotel Rooms

We have given you five incredible travel clotheslines suitable for use in hotel rooms. However, use the below buying guide to ensure the one you choose best suits your needs and preferences.

1. Material

Choosing the right material for a travel clothesline designed for hotel rooms is one of the most essential considerations. There are four main features of the material you want to think about:

  • Sturdiness: Sturdiness is important for two reasons. Firstly, increased sturdiness makes the travel clothesline more durable. Secondly, sturdy materials can better withstand the weight of your wet clothes without snapping or sagging. For this reason, sturdiness is even more important if you know you’ll be hanging heavier items like jeans and towels.
  • Grip: The grip of the material plays a vital role in preventing clothes from slipping off the line. A clothesline with a non-slip or high-friction surface ensures that garments stay securely in place, even when wet. This feature is especially important when drying delicate items, preventing them from sliding and potentially getting damaged.
  • Weight: Choosing a lightweight material ensures that the travel clothesline doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to your luggage, and it is easier to manipulate and set up the line in a hotel room. However, while the material should be lightweight for convenience, it must be robust enough to handle the weight of wet clothes.
  • Elasticity: An elastic material allows you to stretch the line across various lengths. This makes it easier to adapt the travel clothesline to different spaces within a hotel room, which is useful for hotel rooms with limited hanging options. Elasticity also simplifies the hanging process, as it can stretch to accommodate various garment sizes and shapes.

Overall, we suggest opting for a high-quality, lightweight, and flexible material like braided elastic. However, you might want to choose the material based on your travel wardrobe. For example, sturdiness is crucial when drying heavier items, while grip is more important for delicates.


2. Length and capacity

The ideal travel clothesline for hotel rooms should balance being compact for easy packing and having sufficient length to accommodate multiple garments.

Aim for a length that allows you to string the line across typical hotel room spaces. For most hotels, we suggest washing lines that reach up to around 300 cm.

Additionally, consider the line’s capacity to support the weight of wet clothes without sagging or snapping.

Most clotheslines can easily support light to medium-weight items, but if you have many heavy items, you’ll need a line with a higher weight capacity.


3. Versatility

Versatility is a crucial factor to consider—it determines how well the travel clothesline can adapt to the diverse settings of hotel rooms.

More versatile retractable washing lines can also be used in other situations, such as when camping or even if you need extra space to dry clothes at home.

Two main things contribute to the versatility of your travel clothesline:

  • Adjustable length: Whether dealing with a compact bathroom or a more spacious hotel bedroom, an adjustable length provides the flexibility needed to make the most of the drying space you have available. Choose a clothesline that is stretchy or can be doubled over so that you can change the length as needed.
  • Attachment points: Consider how the clothesline is installed. Most have hooks that can be attached to wardrobe handles, towel rails, or any other suitable anchor point in your hotel room. Others come with suction cups that provide extra flexibility in set-up. However, suction cup clotheslines might not be able to hold as much weight.


4. Portability

As you’ll be taking your clothesline travelling, portability is an important consideration. Look for a travel clothesline that is lightweight and compact, ensuring it doesn’t take up much space or weight in your suitcase.

Some models come with a convenient carrying case or pouch, ensuring they take up even less room in your luggage.

Another factor that impacts portability is the hanging method. Some travel clotheslines have peg attachments. These prevent your clothes from accidentally sliding off the line, but they do take up additional space.

Twisted elastic lines are often preferred for this reason—tuck your laundry between the two elastic lines to secure it without the need for pegs.


5. Durability

We’ve already mentioned that material can impact the durability of your travel clothesline for hotels.

High-quality materials contribute significantly to the overall longevity of the clothesline, ensuring it remains reliable through numerous trips and travels.

However, you should look for the following features when considering durability:

  • Reinforced stitching: The points where the line is stitched or connected to other components are often under the most stress. Reinforced stitching distributes tension more evenly at these stress points, reducing the risk of fraying or breakage.
  • High-quality connectors: The connectors (clips, hooks, or other attachment mechanisms) should be made from sturdy plastic or, ideally, metal. These sturdy connectors should securely hold the line in place without warping or breaking under pressure.
  • Weather resistance: If you’re only planning to use your travel clothesline in hotel rooms, weather resistance isn’t vital. However, if using the line while camping or hanging clothes outdoors, opting for a water, rust, and UV-resistant design helps extend its lifespan.


6. Ease of Use

A user-friendly design is essential for a travel clothesline. After all, you will be putting up and taking down the product after every use.

Therefore, consider features like simple clip systems that make attaching and detaching clothes a breeze.

You’ll also want to opt for a model that can be set up and taken down without the need for additional tools.

Additionally, a tangle-free design helps to improve the ease of use. This feature is especially beneficial when moving between accommodations, allowing you to set up the clothesline without the added headache of untangling knots. It will remain neat, even when hastily packed or unpacked.


7. Price range

Fortunately, travel clotheslines for hotel rooms aren’t expensive. All of our recommendations are under £10 and are some of the best models you can buy in the UK. This means most people can afford to buy a top-quality clothesline without having to make a big financial investment.

If you do have a tighter budget, the cheaper washing lines on our list come in at around £5 to £6 and are still functional and effective. Assess your specific needs and find a balance between price and the features that matter most to you.

Red clothesline inside


Where Do You Hang a Travel Clothesline?

When using a travel clothesline in a hotel room, finding suitable hanging spots is essential for effective drying.

The exact places you can hang your washing line depends on the layout of the room and the type of attachments on the clothesline. However, here are some suggestions:

  • Shower curtain rail: Many hotel bathrooms have the shower over the bath, using a shower curtain for privacy. You use the shower curtain rail as an attachment point and conveniently use this elevated space above the bath for drying your clothes.
  • Towel racks: If the bathroom has a towel rack, try looping the travel clothesline around it. Depending on the height of the towel rack and the length of your washing line, you could loop the line from the rack to a cupboard or tap to create a drying space.
  • Balcony: If your hotel room has a balcony, use the railing and a chair as two anchor points for your clothesline. Make sure to check hotel policies to ensure that hanging clothes on the balcony is allowed, and ensure your clothesline is suitable for outdoor use to avoid damage.
  • Furniture backs: Hook your travel clothesline onto the backs of chairs, the top of dressers, or other furniture surfaces. In most hotel rooms, there are bound to be two items of furniture that are similar heights and have attachment options.
  • Wardrobe rod: If your hotel room has a closet with a rod, you can use it as a hanging point for the clothesline. Loop one end around the rail and secure the other on any other nearby anchor point, such as the bed frame post, dresser handles, or other furniture item.
  • Bathroom tiles: If your travel clothesline has suction cups – like the Go Travel Self-Securing Washing Line – you can stretch it between any tiled walls in your bathroom. It can also be stuck on any other non-porous surface, such as windows or glass balcony doors.


Are Travel Clothes Lines Any Good?

Portable clotheslines can be a convenient solution for drying clothes, especially during travel. However, they aren’t as sturdy as regular clotheslines and have their limitations.

Here is a closer look at the advantages and considerations to help you decide if a travel clothesline is suitable for your needs:

Advantages of travel clotheslines

  • Although you can dry clothes without a clothesline, travel clotheslines make it far easier to do this on the move. They facilitate more effective drying than is possible by hanging wet items on the back of furniture, over the balcony railing, or in the bathroom.
  • Retractable clotheslines are designed to save space when not in use, but travel clotheslines are more portable. They are more compact, weight less than retractable designs, often come with storage bags, and typically don’t rely on pegs.
  • Most travel clotheslines come with an adjustable length, allowing you to customise the drying space based on your needs and hotel room layout. With handy hooks and attachments, installing a travel clothesline is also typically straightforward.


Considerations for travel clotheslines

  • While travel clotheslines can handle a considerable amount of weight, they aren’t as sturdy as regular washing lines. Overloading the line may cause it to sag or detach from its anchor points, so they aren’t suitable for drying extremely heavy items.
  • Although the best travel clotheslines are lightweight and far more portable than a clothes airer, they still take up some room in your case. If you’re short on luggage, this non-essential item might be best left at home.
  • The effectiveness of a retractable clothesline depends on where it’s installed. For travel, consider models with versatile installation options, such as hooks or suction cups. However, even then, there is no guarantee you’ll find a suitable hanging place in every hotel room.



If we had to choose one clothesline to recommend for using in hotel rooms, it would be the Solotrekk Deluxe Travel Clothes Washing Line. Its twisted design is durable and eliminates the need for pegs, its expandable length and versatile hook attachments mean it can be hung in almost any hotel room, and it’s storage bag and lightweight design make it the perfect travel companion.

The only feature missing from this clothesline are suction cups, which can be useful if your hotel room has no obvious anchor points. However, the Go Travel Pegless Washing Line is a good alternative if you prioritise suction cup attachments. 

For more help choosing a product, refer to our buying guide above. Happy travels!