How to Use a Toilet Brush

How to Use a Toilet Brush

A toilet brush is a handy little item that’s worth keeping in the bathroom in case of an emergency. But, how do you use a toilet brush properly?

Keep on reading to find out how to use a toilet brush correctly, and to get some more handy tips!

Using a toilet brush is really easy and it’s a great way of keeping your toilet clean! Check out how to use a toilet brush below.

Remember… Always wear gloves when cleaning a toilet, clean your workspaces when you’re done and wash your hands with an antibacterial hand sanitiser.

How to Use a Toilet Brush

Step 1: Prepare the toilet bowl

Before you start scrubbing away at your toilet bowl with your toilet brush, you need to prepare your loo.

All you need to do is squirt some product down the pan, not forgetting to coat the sides of the toilet, wait a while and then move on to step 2. Always check the label on the product to see how much to use and to see how long it needs to be left for.

Not sure what product you need to use? Check out these toilet cleaning products to get you started.

Alternatively, you could create your own cleaning potion at home by using white vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice. You can read more about these household goodies on our site.

Step 2: Scrub the toilet bowl with the toilet brush

Once you’ve completed step 1, you can move on to the actual cleaning of the toilet by using the toilet brush.

For this next part, you need to grab your toilet brush and start brushing the side of the toilet bowl down. You should focus on cleaning the bowl itself, the sides and near the rim of the toilet.

You may have to repeat this step a few times depending on what type of grime you have left.

Then, move on to step 3.

Step 3: Flush

When you’re done with your cleaning, you need to flush the toilet.

While you flush your toilet you need to hold your toilet brush under the falling water to rinse the brush head.

This is a crucial step because this is when you’ll clean off any debris left behind on your toilet brush.

Repeat if need be and then move onto step 4.

Step 4: Store the toilet brush

When the toilet brush has been rinsed it needs to be put back into its little holder.

Do not just leave it sitting around on the floor or on another surface.

A toilet brush usually comes with a holder, so it should really be stored in there. However, it’s just as important to clean the holder out on a weekly basis as it is to clean the brush itself.

You can clean the holder by using some antibacterial spray and boiling hot water.

It’s also important to store a toilet brush somewhere safe, yet accessible. I mean, nobody wants to see their puppy picking up their dirty toilet brush and running around the house with it. Yuck!


Keeping a Toilet Brush Clean

Using a toilet brush correctly is one thing, but it’s equally, if not more, important to wash a toilet brush on a weekly/fortnightly basis.

Toilet brushes are riddled with germs, and after every use, they get filled up with more and more bacteria. So, how do you manage this?

You must regularly wash the toilet brush. There is no doubt about this.

How do you wash a toilet brush?

1. Pop some gloves on and eye protection if you like.
2. Fill a large bucket with boiling hot water.
3. Add in 2 cups of bleach.
4. Pop the toilet brush into the water.
5. Slosh it around very carefully.
6. Allow the toilet brush to soak in the fluid for an hour.
7. If it’s still not clean, add in an additional half a cup of bleach to the water.
8. Leave the toilet brush in the water.
9. Wait up to 4 hours if need be, but can be less time if you want.
10. Pull the toilet brush out.
11. Rinse the toilet brush under hot water.
12. Replace the toilet brush in the holder.

Always clean the area where you cleaned the toilet brush! All sorts of nastiness will be here, so grab your anti-bac and clean away.

Different Types of Toilet Brush

What Toilet Brush Should I Use?

There are a number of great toilet brushes on the market at the moment! Some are a little fancier than others, and you get some that are a tad pricey too.

The choice is entirely up to you, but before you begin your search check out our article on the best toilet brushes!

Don’t forget, if you choose a brush that has a metallic handle or head you’ll likely scratch your toilet bowl. So, it might be better to stick with plastic.



It’s very easy to use a toilet brush, the difficult part is actually keeping the item clean!

It’s easy to think that a quick rinse under the flush water will do the job, but it’s not good enough. Germs love toilet brushes, so keep these tiny organisms away from your lovely home.

Toilet brushes need to be cleaned frequently. And they should be replaced regularly too.



How often do you need to use a toilet brush?

There is no one answer to this question because it can vary from house to house. If there is obvious dirt left behind in the toilet when you’re done using it, well it would be polite to clean the toilet with the toilet brush then. But it’s up to you.

Is there an alternative to a toilet brush?

Alternative products have been created but these products have had mixed results. For example, the Looblade (8 blade silicone head) and Loogun (water jet) are clever but are hard to come by these days.

So, it may be better to throw on a pair of Marigolds and clean your toilet in the traditional way if you’re not up for using a toilet brush.

My toilet brush isn’t removing the stains in my loo, what should I do?

There are lots of ways you can clean a stained toilet bowl and many of these methods are fairly cheap to try out. Check out our article here to find out lots of tips to clean your stained toilet bowl.

Can I use the toilet brush to clean the toilet seat?

No. You should clean the toilet seat regularly, and you should use a specialised product and some tissue paper to do this.