Finding a Small Condenser Tumble Dryer

The Smallest Condenser Tumble Dryer

The smallest condenser tumble dryer is probably the Zanussi TC180W, which has a capacity of 3.4 kg and dimensions of 42 x 59.5 x 68.6 cm. Unfortunately, this model seems to have been discontinued, as it isn’t available for sale online at the time of writing. Apart from this model, the next smallest condenser tumble dryers typically have a capacity of 7 kg, and aren’t really ‘compact’ dryers.

It’s much easier to find compact vented tumble dryers with capacities of 3 kg or so than it is compact condenser dryers. This is because vented tumble dryers are more effective in smaller sizes than condenser dryers. If getting something extra small is a priority, it’s best to opt for a compact vented dryer like the Swan STV403W 3kg Load Vented Dryer.

Small 7 kg Condenser Tumble Dryers

If you’re creative with space and are careful to check dimensions in advance, you should be able to find a small condenser dryer to fit in even a small flat. 7 kg condenser dryers are normally almost identical in size and shape, at about 85 cm high x 60 cm wide x 60 cm deep. However, some are slightly wider or deeper, as you can see in the table below:


Height (cm)

Width (cm)

Depth (cm)

See online

Miele TDA150C Condenser Freestanding Tumble Dryer 85 59.5 58.7 See on
AEG T61275AC ProTex Condenser Tumble Dryer 85 60 59 See on
Hotpoint Aquarius FETC70BP 7kg Condenser Dryer 85 59.5 61 See on
Beko DCU7230W 7kg Load Sensor Condenser Dryer 85 60 54 See on
BEKO DCX71100S Condenser Tumble Dryer 85 59.5 54 See on

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